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Physician Speaker on Awakening your Organic Bravery™

Dr. Liudmila Schafer, a renowned oncologist, is readily available to participate in your event. With her expertise and extensive experience, she is highly sought after as a keynote speaker on topics of leadership and science-business-wellness fusion. Dr. Schafer’s influential talks and workshops have motivated over 1.1 million individuals, both within organizations and wider audiences, to make tangible improvements in their personal lives, businesses, and overall well-being. Her dynamic and impactful approach leaves a lasting impression, energizing and empowering all those she engages with.

As seen on TEDx, founder of “The Doctor Connect” consultancy, a TV host on ABC15, and a podcast host.

“I believe we all deserve to have more control over our destiny and the way we are perceived…”

Speaking Topics


Three steps solutions to the complexity of healthcare with the incorporation of artificial intelligence.


Align Physician’s Passion and Expertise to Enhance Career.


Why is it important for women in medicine to be “Defined” Rather Than “Labeled.”


How can you transform your concept into a solution that could be presented on TEDx


  • Organic Bravery™ is a framework that helps align transparency and authenticity of the business, healthcare organization, or physician as an individual to build trust and connection with consumers.
  • Organic Bravery™ is a strategy that aligns skillsets and expertise to make a brand more relatable. It creates emotional connections that increase customer and patient loyalty and increases engagement from the audience.
  • At the business level
  • At the patient / healthcare level
  • At the corporate level

Speaking Examples

TEDx talk, “Awaken your Organic Bravery,” is one of the “top 10 most watched TEDx talks” released in February 2023
The List – How to Embrace your Personal Story for Success

News Channel 8 & Bloom TV – 5 Things to Know About Allergies So You Can Thrive Through the Season, April 4th 2022